INDVR Mascara
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The INDVR Rechargeable Mascara Vaporizer

It looks like the other cosmetics in your makeup bag. But it’s so much more. Remove the cap, and find the INDVR’s secret: it’s actually a rechargeable vaporizer. Ideal for the fashionable vape user who desires discretion, the INDVR mascara fits easily in your clutch or makeup bag. The INDVR mascara also comes with a micro USB charging cord and can be used with any USB charger.


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Discreet elegant

Easy to close
magnetic cap

Compact size

Rechargeable battery





Impact resistant

Compatible with standard
510 cartridges

Stainless steel accents

Comes with Micro USB Charger

Sleek. Stylish. Stealth.

Stealth is in Style